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KleenGuard A10 Light Duty Protection Coverall
Special Case Price - $37.25 | *4 In Stock Cases Available*

Extra Large, Style: Zipper Front, Elastic Wrists, White
1 Garment / Package, 25 Packages / Case, Manufactured by Kimberly Clark

KleenGuard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) enables rather than inhibits – allowing for maximum productivity and safety for you and your employees. Kleenguard A10 Light Duty Coveralls are a terrific choice when you need to provide economical, disposable protection for workers who are exposed to dirt and grime in the workplace. They are protective wear designed for entry-level protection from hazardous dust and feature a zipper front, serged seams and elastic wrists. The fabric is made of five layers of stacked barrier protection, for a lightweight, breathable protective coverall. These white, disposable coveralls are a popular choice for food processing, general maintenance and manufacturing. Making the right Personal Protection choice is difficult.

AloeTouch Sterile 12" PowderFree Nitrile Exam Glove
Beaded Cuff, Finger Thickness 7.5mil, Palm Thickness 6.7mil, Latex Free, 12" L, Green
200 Glove Pairs / Case, Manufactured by Medline

Special Case Price - $101.85 | *3 In Stock Cases Available*


Special Case Price - $99.38 | *10 In Stock Cases Available*


Special Case Price - $106.70 | *5 In Stock Cases Available*


Powder-free, nitrile exam gloves ideal for use in ER, trauma and burn centers, pharmacy or other areas where sterile protection is needed. Aloe coating helps soothe hands while extended cuff adds extra barrier. Easy-to-open, plastic packaging helps resist moisture and smaller package takes up less storage space. Meets ASTM requirements for barrier protection and quality. Meets USP 800 Personal Protection Equipment requirement for use of chemotherapy gloves when handling hazardous drugs.

Tyvek IsoClean Non-Sterile Frock
Style: Bound Seams, Snap Closure, White
Bulk Packaged 30 Garments / Case, Manufactured by DuPont

Special Case Price - $114.50 | *12 In Stock Cases Available*


Special Case Price - $114.50 | *14 In Stock Cases Available*


Special Case Price - $114.50 | *15 In Stock Cases Available*

Extra Large

Special Case Price - $128.65 | *15 In Stock Cases Available*


DuPont Tyvek IsoClean Garments for ISO 4/5 (Class 10/100) and ISO 7/8 (Class 10,000/100,000) Controlled Environments. One of the most popular products in the DuPont Controlled Environments portfolio, DuPont Tyvek IsoClean clean processed and sterile single-use garments offer an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort. In addition, they feature the lowest linting and particle shedding of any garments in the DuPont portfolio.

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