Our Company Is Expanding – Investing $224,000 in Augusta County

The backside of the Hutchins & Hutchins warehouse

Our Company Is Expanding – Investing $224,000 in Augusta County

  • November 28 2017

Government & Industrial Contract Additions Leads to Warehouse Expansion, Resulting in 15 New Jobs!

Hutchins Featured on WHSV TV3
Video provided by WHSV-TV3

Hutchins & Hutchins, Inc. is excited to announce a $224,000 investment, towards expanding our warehouse. This will accommodate the anticipated growth from the addition of industrial and government contracts. This new growth will provide 15 new jobs in Augusta County – an investment we’re very proud of and looking forward to. We believe in investing in people and making a difference in our local community, and we believe these efforts will do just that.

President, Becky Wiseman – has this to say about the new expansion and job creation:

“It’s amazing and it is kind of personal because my dad did start the business in 1984 and unfortunately he left in 2000 and I took over and just as the years have gone by, different opportunities have come up. It’s just been a roller coaster ride but it’s all been good.”

Thank You to all the media outlets for broadcasting this exciting news!
The News Leader | The Virginia Business Magazine | WHSV-TV3

All in all, these are exciting times for Hutchins & Hutchins, Inc. and we thank each our employees, dedicated vendors, business colleagues and customers who have helped make our company what it is today!