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    ANM Philippine Gospel Association

    Today representatives of Hutchins & Hutchins, Inc. welcomed Renee Lilly and Dr. Linda Balugo from the Advancing Native Missions based out of Charlottesville, VA.

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    Getting A Clean Start to the New Year

    Another year has past and 2016 lays in wait, for a new wealth of opportunity and second chances. The time has come again to get it together, to make a resolution and turn over a new leaf.

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    Controlled Environments | Product Showcases

    Each month we showcase products by featuring articles in the Controlled Environments Magazine. This is an opportunity to educate our readers on the benefits of what we think are note worthy products.

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    Cleanrooms on the Cutting Edge

    Every day things get a little bit faster. The chips that run our computers become smaller and more powerful. The quickness with which information travels increases exponentially.

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    Cleanroom, Clean Planet

    In the 1950s Patterson, a geochemist, was trying to determine the age of the earth. To do so he was measuring the rate of radioactive decay in lead found in the debris of a meteor crater.

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    Understanding Cleanrooms & Particle Count

    At the basic level, the nature of a cleanroom is easily understandable, although it takes a bit more explanation to understand the official definition.

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