Green Sustainability Initiative Mission Statement

2019 Sustainability Initiative Header Image

Hutchins & Hutchins is aware of its carbon footprint on the environment and within our local community. We take daily steps to implement eco-friendly practices and opportunities for our employees and dedicated customers. Recently, we’ve made substantial improvements to our full-service distribution facility, which has stemmed a significant reductions in our energy use.

We work with several different vendors who provide environmentally safe products and non-hazardous, cleanroom and laboratory waste recycle programs. We proudly supply our customers with products backed by a commitment to sustainability and respecting the world we live in for future generations.

We operate in a very competitive business environment. Reducing cost along with efforts to increase overall in-house efficiency is something we take very seriously. We are dedicated to providing our employees a working atmosphere that encourages overall performance and proficient growth.

  • Utilize Electronic Communication for All Correspondence
  • Constant Evaluation of the Shipping & Receiving
  • Process and Inventory Control Procedures
  • Utilizing Biodegradable Packing Products in Our Shipping Process
  • Control Raw Material Cost with New and Current Vendors
  • On-Site Purified Drinking Water, Reducing Plastic Bottle Waste
  • Use of One-At-A-Time Towel Dispensers, Reducing Paper Waste
  • Use of Environmentally Friendly & Safe Housekeeping Methods
  • Company Car Available for Carpooling, when necessary
  • Use of Energy Saving Features & Products
  • Re-purpose Useless Hard Copies for Scratch Paper
  • Wastebasket Liners are Used More Than Once, when practical
  • Corrugated Boxes & Filling are Re-Purposed as Packaging Materials
  • Product Donations are made on Occasion
  • Recycling of Pallets and Cardboard Packaging
  • Recycle of Office Supplies
  • Utilizing Local Agencies for Proper Disposal of Electronic Equipment
  • Provide Employees Efficient Training Programs
  • Encourage Healthy & Organized Work Area Initiatives
  • Security Preparedness
  • Community Support
  • Local Charities

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