The Legacy Continues

Ronald Hutchins was a sales representative at Honeywell Corporation for seventeen years. During that time, he noticed his pharmaceutical clients discarded gloves and other apparel after only one use. Learning about the quick turn over rate and high demand of product, Ronald began to develop his idea of a cleanroom supply source.
Founding Principles: What Started It All

In 1984, he mapped out his business plan and founded Hutchins & Hutchins with his wife from their home in Waynesboro, VA. After only a year in business, Ronald took giant strides with his company. Transforming it from a basement room enterprise to a full-service distribution center stocking over 500 SKU’s. He continued to experience growth over the next few years, based on solid business principles, and began to earn industry-wide respect.

In 1988, Ronald’s daughter, Rebecca Hutchins, joined him to help further the expansion of Hutchins & Hutchins. Rebecca took the helm in 2000 after a tragic accident left Ronald unable to run the business. Rebecca’s determination to build on her father’s legacy was evident in her work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. She became dedicated to ensuring that Hutchins & Hutchins would thrive in an industry that was quickly taking off.

In 2018, Rebecca made the strategic decision to bring Jay Stotlar, a business associate of 22 years, on board as COO. Two years later, Rebecca approached Jay and his wife, Brooke, with an opportunity to purchase Hutchins & Hutchins. Her decision was based on their years of business experience and, especially, their commitment to carry on her father’s legacy. Rebecca remains on board in an advisory role.

Jay and Brooke will continue to strive for steady growth with a high customer retention rate. Strategic investments in resources and technology will enable Hutchins & Hutchins to expand their capabilities and market presence. Their committed team of over twenty employees are dedicated to maintaining the business principles and vision of its founder to ensure each customer feels they are a part of the Hutchins & Hutchins family.